About Contest

The mission of the "Photographer of the Year 2013" contest is to support creative work of professional and amateur photographers as well as artists in Ukraine, which work with photography.

Total cash prize fund of the Contest is 54 000 UAH*

  • Grand Prix ("Photographer of the Year") – 50,000 UAH *
  • "Viewers' Choice Award" – 4,000 UAH *

Special prizes for the winners (1st places) in all nominations of professional and amateur categories from:

* Prize payment will be made within 15 business days from the moment the Contest's results are announced. The payment is carried out by a non-cash money transfer to the winner's account or by cash received at the Organizer's box office. The amount of the remuneration shall be subject to tax and fees deduction established by the Ukrainian legislation.


One of the integral parts of the Contest is its jury, which includes highly recognized representatives of the national and international photography art industry, whose authority is unquestionable and credible for participants.

Gueorgui Pinkhassov Gueorgui Pinkhassov was born in 1952 in Moscow. His interest in photography began while he was still at school. After studying cinematography at the VGIK (the Moscow Institute of Cinematography), he went on to work at the Mosfilm studio and then as a set photographer. In 1978 Pinkhassov joined the Moscow Union of Graphic Arts and obtained the status of an independent artist. His work was noticed by the prominent Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, who invited Pinkhassov to the set to make a reportage about his film "Stalker" (1979). Pinkhassov moved permanently to Paris in 1985. He joined Magnum Photos in 1988. He works regularly for the international press, particularly for Geo, Actuel and the New York Times Magazine. His book, Sightwalk, explores individual details, through reflections or particular kinds of light, often approaching abstraction.

Eyemazing Susan Eyemazing Susan (Susan Zadeh) is the founder and editor-in-chief of EYEMAZING, an European photography magazine. Originally trained as a classical dancer, she enjoyed a 12-year career as ballerina with Het Nationale Ballet, Amsterdam. Prior to EYEMAZING, Ms. Zadeh worked as a photographer. In 2003 she founded the EYEMAZING magazine that was recognized as the best photography publication at many international publisher contests. Susan is recognized by the international photography world for her talent as a creative director and groundbreaking independent publisher. She is frequently invited to sit on the panels of world-renowned international photography competitions, as well as advise and curate group and solo exhibitions and presentations. She lives and works in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Yuri Kosin Yuri Kosin (born September 26, 1948) is a Ukrainian photographer, lecturer, curator of exhibitions, and traveler. Kosin is a member of the National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine, tutor and curator at the Independent Academy of the Photographic Arts of Ukraine, a member of the "Kulturforum" association and the artistic studio "Kulturwerkstatt Trier", Germany. He is widely engaged in curator activities. Kosin has a huge number of exhibitions and publications throughout Europe and the USA. His works are mainly focused on artistic aspect of photography. Documentary perspective is transformed in subjective perception of time as individual category.

Ilona Pulkstene Ilona Pulkstene lives and works in Riga, Latvia. She is a master of staged portrait and studio photography. Pulkstene is a certificated designer, hairdresser and make-up artist. She is one of the organizers and an art director of the established Baltic international photography festival "ART CAMP", which takes place each year in seaport town Ventspils. Pulkstene is a teacher at the Riga photo school "Portret", curator of photographic projects and master classes in Riga, participator of many international exhibitions. Her works are being published in such magazines as Azartnyi Igrok, BODY, LIFE, TANTRA YOGA, Photo room, Photoicona, Amber Breeze V, Fashion Collection, etc.

Pavlo Gudimov Pavlo Gudimov was born on October 12, 1973, in Lviv. He graduated from the Lviv Forestry Institute with a degree in Landscape Architecture. His music career is connected with the bands "Klan Tyshi", "Okean Elzy", "Gudimov". Since 2005, the Paul has been focusing on curator, art gallery, publishing and design activities. Gudimov is the owner of the Art Center "Ya Gallery", where many exhibitions of contemporary artists and photographers from Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic states are regularly held. In 2009, he founded the book series "UFO" (Ukrainian photography). Pavlo Gudimov’s Art Center is actively engaged in the international exhibition activities.


The Contest's winners will receive cash prizes in two nominations: "Photographer of the Year" and "Viewers' Choice Award".

To maintain equal terms for all contestants, we introduced two categories: professional and amateur. Therefore, professional photographers will upload their photos to the professional category while enthusiasts – to the amateur category respectively.

Professionals are those photographers for whom photography is the main source of income and those who treat themselves as such.

Amateurs are those people for whom photography is a hobby or a fun.

Professional category:

  1. Landscape (flora)
  2. Animals (fauna)
  3. Architecture
  4. Genre
  5. Still Life
  6. Nude/Erotica
  7. Portrait
  8. Reportage
  9. Sport
  10. Commercial photography
  11. Wedding
  12. Art Photography
  13. Computer Graphics
  14. Documentary photography

Amateur category:

  1. Landscape (flora)
  2. Animals (fauna)
  3. Architecture
  4. Genre
  5. Still Life
  6. Nude/Erotica
  7. Portrait
  8. Street photography
  9. Art Photography
  10. Macro
  11. Computer Graphics

The Contest's procedure

  • Participants should upload their works at the Contest's website and pay a participation fee through January 15, 2014.
  • Starting from January 16, 2014, the admission of works will stop and the jury will begin to work. By February 20, 2014, the jury will decide on a short list of participants.
  • By February 20, 2014, the jury will choose the Contest's winners (Grand Prix "Photographer of the Year" and 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in nominations).
  • Starting from January 27, 2014, by February 16, 2014, the voting for the "Viewers' Choice Award" nomination will take place.
  • At the end of February, 2014, the award-giving ceremony will take place and the exhibition of winners' works will be opened.

For information on the Contest, please contact us at moderator@office.foto.ua.