Rules of participation

All individuals who are citizens of Ukraine and have turned 18 years old as on the date of the Contest can participate in it.

The Contest's procedure

  • Participants should upload their works at the Contest's website and pay a participation fee through January 15, 2014.
  • Starting from January 16, 2014, the admission of works will stop and the jury will begin to work. By February 20, 2014, the jury will decide on a short list of participants.
  • By February 20, 2014, the jury will choose the Contest's winners (Grand Prix "Photographer of the Year" and 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in nominations).
  • Starting from January 27, 2014, by February 16, 2014, the voting for the "Viewers' Choice Award" nomination will take place.
  • At the end of February, 2014, the award-giving ceremony will take place and the exhibition of winners' works will be opened.

For information on the Contest, please contact us at

Submission of works

  • Each participant should complete a registration form at the Contest's web-site.
  • Then he/she should upload photos using a special web interface.
  • He/she should pay a participation fee. Thereafter, the uploaded photos will be assessed by the jury.
  • The number of works submitted is not limited.
  • Only works made over the last 3 years and not participated in the Contest "Photographer of the Year 2012" are accepted.
  • Each participant must be an author of his/her work and hold a copyright on it.

Technical requirements to photos

Works should be uploaded in the JPEG format.

Required parameters of photos to be uploaded:

  1. Width – no more than 1800 pixels
  2. Height – no more than 900 pixels
  3. File size – no more than 500KB.
  4. Color space: RGB

If an author receives a message via e-mail or other means of communication specified in the registration form, which states that his/her work is included to the short list, he/she has to provide high quality photos (JPEG or TIFF format) in any convenient for participant and organizers way (e-mail, file sharing service, storage media, etc.). The size of the photographs should allow to print them in high quality for the exhibition (size of the longest side of the print should be in a range from 40 cm to 60 cm) and publication.

The contest's photographs should not contain any signatures and markings that identify an author.

For information on the Contest, please contact us at

The jury’s work

Decision of the jury is final and not subject to review.

The jury has the right not to assign any award in a nomination.

The jury decides on winners with majority of votes.

The Contest's participants are not allowed to get in touch with the jury on any questions related to the Contest. In case of violation of this paragraph, the participant is excluded from the Contest.

Participation fee

Participation fee is designed for the purpose of forming the prize fund of the Contest.

If you think that your work can participate in several nominations of the Contest, you can apply it through any appropriate category at your discretion.

Professional category:

One photo: 10 UAH.

Series of photos (2-15): 20 UAH.

Amateur category:

One photo: 10 UAH.

Series of photos (2-15): 20 UAH.

The participation fee made on submission of work is not subject to refund.

The participation fee can be made in the following ways:

  1. VISA bank card (online)
  2. Via WebMoney instant payment system
  3. Via any bank. Payment receipt can be formed at the participant's profile page in the section "Balance".

Prize fund, awards:

  1. Grand Prix ("Photographer of the Year") - 50 000 UAH *
  2. "Viewers' Choice Award" - 4000 UAH *
  3. Diplomas for the winners (1rd, 2nd and 3rd places) in nominations of both categories.

Special prizes for the winners (1st places) in all nominations of professional and amateur categories from:

* Prize payment will be made within 15 business days from the moment when the Contest's results are announced. The payment is carried out by a non-cash transfer operation of funds to the winner's account or by cash received from the Organizer's box office. The amount of the remuneration shall be subject to tax and fees deduction established by the Ukrainian legislation. Use of photos

Copyright and property rights on the photos are reserved by their authors. By participating in the Contest, the author agrees with the use of his/her photographs in the Contest ads on the Internet and mass media as well as in the Contest's publication and various contest-related activities without any remuneration or any other form of reimbursement. The winner photographer agrees to provide high quality images to print them for the Contest's exhibitions and publication. The organizers assure that they will use the images with indication of the author's name.


For information on the Contest, please contact us at